Re: Survey: Examples of Obsolete Technology Being Used in Modern Machine Shops.

On Sat, 16 Aug 2008 05:12:36 -0700, BottleBob <bottlbob@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

The title says it all. Do you have any knowledge of examples of a
machine shop in modern times using processes, procedures, tooling, etc.
that might be considered "outdated" or "obsolete" technology?

I visited a small machine shop the other day. The shop makes between
1500 to 2000 hunting rifles a year. Every single part, including the
stocks are made on top-modern CNC equipment - except for the barrels.
The barrels are made from raw bars on machines from before WW2. The
rifling cutting machines was made before the first world war! Stepping
into that barrel making room felt like entering another century.