Re: Shop Health Insurance

kinzie wrote:
BottleBob wrote:
To All:

Has the rate your shop pays for employee medical insurance risen recently?

Our carrier (Pacific Care) raised it's rates by something like 29%.

HealthNet here. PPO. They went up about 17%. Like BD I chose the higher deductible/out-of-pocket to keep the monthly rate down. I LOATH HMO "primary care" plans. My last time with that setup (over ten years ago) was a "primary care" doctor who prescribed skin cream for my obvious Basil Cell skin cancer. He insisted the insurance company wanted him to try it first.

I know we all hear this but... the cheapest insurance includes diet and exercise (I know it sounds soooo simple). Then again, I offset my good health with trips to the Kern for whitewater kayaking and mountain biking. <g>


Skin cancer? Yikes! Too much sun from all that kayaking and mountain biking?
Good thing all my years of street racing was mostly done at night. <g>