Re: Dinosaur Machines, Tooling, Etc.

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To All:

Does your shop have any Dinosaur machines, tooling, or whatnot that
still makes a profit for you? I'd like to hear of some choice examples.



I don't have any of those old "treasures" around. But I've got a
friend that's got an 8000sq/ft building FULL of stuff from the
1930-1960 range, and it ALL gets used occasionally. It's the welding/
repair division of a massive farm. Lot's of great stories to go with
the various machines too.

-A Brown and Sharpe horizontal mill with a gang saw setup. Few years
back a guy was wearing heavy gloves, and went to wipe the chips away
from start of the cut. It grabbed the glove and put 3 keyways in his
forearm in the blink of an eye. .125, .250, and .375 respectively,
each about 3 inches apart.

-A Buffalo mechanical iron worker. Kid put the bottom half of the .500
die set in upside down. Punched the first hole, punched the second
hole, and then punched all his teeth out on the third stroke. The
slugs weren't evacuating from the bottom die (because it was upside
down!), so on the 3rd go round, KABOOM.

-Another kid ran his hands through the left wheel of a horizontal
bandsaw while changing the blade, all 4 fingers took the ride around
half the wheel pinched between the blade and wheel.

-A guy had about 5 feet of .750 stainless sticking out the back of a
little 6 inch chuck Clausing. The bar bent a perfect 90 degrees and
walked the machine about 4 inches across the floor before it got
turned off. There was another guy working on the lathe right next to
it. The swinging bar was 12 inches to his right.

-Just last year one of the foremen pulled up in his truck right behind
his brother who was operating a Cat D9 dozer, and proceeded to turn
his back to the dozer while answering a phone call. The D9 smashed him
between the truck and the tracks, popped some stuff in his guts. 8
more inches and it would have started running over his legs, 4 more
feet and it would have flattened him. The dozer operator didn't even
know it happened until he saw ambulances and a helicopter pulling into
the yard.

-Yesterday I saw a guy standing in the fully outstretched bucket of a
966 front loader, with no harness, holding a chainsaw, reaching out
cutting some trees. Just business as usual over there!


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