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To All:

Does your shop have any Dinosaur machines, tooling, or whatnot that
still makes a profit for you? I'd like to hear of some choice examples.

A few.

My Astra 5C 2nd OP machine. Like a rough copy of a Hardinge DSM59.
It gets used for all sorts of things while the CNC's are running. Like
running threads with a diebox on a few thousand studs this week. It's
much quicker than my cnc's. Also keeps me fairly fit!!

My Studer OB cylindrical grinder. Looks like a dog, sits in a corner
taking up no real room, but handles very tight limits (+- 0.002mm) on
some tapered glass forming mandrels I do for a glasstube flowmeter
manufacturer a few times a year. This work is well paid but
infrequent. BUT I get much more stock work out of them because we pull
out the stops to make these when they need replacing.

Of course a Bridgeport turret mill. Almost always setup for tapping
jobs run on the cnc's I KNOW I could tap on the cnc's! I hate being
idle waiting for cycles to finish. It gets used for other stuff too.


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Jon Banquer
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