Re: MMS Online Alternate Toolpath Article

On Feb 1, 7:08 am, jon_banquer <jon_banq...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
That seems like an odd comment coming from a machinist. Most
machinists I know tend to be envelope pushers.

And you know this from working in the same shop for what 10 or more

Most machinists are not envelope pushers.

Jon Banquer
San Diego, CA

I think the machinists YOU come across are a lot different than the
actual <skilled> machinists that Bob works with. It would take some
extremely clueless management to actually hire a person as full of
shit as yourself to do anything more than push a button. Your
employment record shows that.

Lucky for me I have a very good bullshit meter, and your interview
would be over the instant you started babbling about the need for a
new seamless unified hybrid modeling kernel with C2 surfacing, so we
could have full graphical control over the toolpath with proper tools
for dragging and dropping work coordinates systems while programming
the budget horizontal machining center with pallet pool.

Then again, there never would have been an interview, because I would
have put your resume in the round file as soon as I saw how many
different shops you've worked in over the last 4-5 years.