Re: Gibbscam is no more

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I don't remember the bells and whistles, but it cut suuweet. Had a lot
things nobody else had at the time, mainly trimming trimmed surfs. Back
nobody could trim a trimmed surf. It had the sweetest vector direction
length thing in the world. Want to add some surf on the end of another,
a check surf area or to extend the cut a bit, click a point, type in an
amount, then type in an angle, or click lines, etc... to get direction,
free hand it, And you get a visable arrow in the sweetest graphics Ive
seen.... and bam, simple surf extend.

Not unusual. Trimming is just a bounding curve on an existing parametric
surface (U&V between 0 & 1 inclusive). The base surface can be extended
beyond that interval, usually, but runs the risk of becoming degenerate or
developing singularities or becoming self-intersecting.

its a nurbs thing.
The way camax got around it was it would make a new surface from the
trimmed boundries, then hide the trimmed surf. That way it would seem like
you could trim the surface more than once.
I remember there would be lots of trimmed surfs blanked. But it didnt slow
the thing down.