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So what might the new combined product be called?



It might be an excellent merger for Gibbs users (I'm one, of probably
only 2 or 3 in the group), and insert some new life into Gibbs while
still retaining the ability to run years worth of archived Gibbs' part

But, I wouldn't be surprised if the next maintenance go-round may have
a healthy increase in the price tag.

That will depend a great deal on their plans for the merged companies.
They might work on the Gibbs product if they want to broaden their base.
They will keep the existing Gibbs development staff on line if this is the

They might also try and substitute the Cimatron product. There won't be a
Gibbs development staff if this happens, or even a Gibbs product. They
have made this aquisition for access to the installed base as SDRC did

In any event, as a Gibbs customer you ought to be recieving some sort of
notification and offer that might be pretty reasonable to get current.
They'd generate both cash and good will while buying a little time with
a strategy.

look at the mastercam / ideas / camax merger purchase thing.
Ruined all three products.