Organic shapes and 3D Models from photos


Just wanted to share with you a service we offer for 3D models, stock items
as well as custom work. All models are carefully sculptured by hand in
clay, and then scanned using 3D Laser Scanners at 0.02mm resolution or
higher resolution if there are too many very fine details.

Any cleaning of the resulting files is done with ArtCAM or other specialist
pointcloud editors.

Some categories of models you will find.

Animals, natural scenes, religious, fantasy, ornaments and many more coming
all the time.

The models themselves look great with many CAD packages such as ArtCAM
jewelsmith or any other products that can read STL files and give really
nice results on many CNC mills. Other formats are available on request.

Very popular with many woodworkers and professionals or hobbyists in many
other areas too. Some examples of industries using our models, jewelers,
chocolate mould makers, soap mould makers, toys, coins, wood, memorial and
many others.

We are still loading up the models on our website You
can take advantage of our special offer where we give a free 3D model to
each registered user every month.

Read more about it

We also offer another modelling service for both shared or exclusive items
check it out with this service we can also deliver you
finished products if required. Contact us for more details.

The 3D Model Club team.

info_REMOVE_THIS@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx just leave the info before the @ if you
wish to reply direct to us