Re: Endmills that do a goog job on a straight plunge?

plh wrote:
Now don't die of shock: this is on topic.
I have a job actually series o similar parts that keeps coming, anyway, one of
the features is a 1/4" hole actually more than one but in overlaps a large bored
hole (typically two or so inches) so that is is half in and half out. The
material is D2, sometimes A2 or O1. I dont want to drill the hole ahead of time,
that gives the boring bar an awfully bumpy ride. Are there any end mills that
size that can take a 3/4 - 1" deep half-circle plunge like that? My other option
is to work my way down cutting into it radially, but that is more complex, and I
need to ultimately turn this into a macro, so I need to keep it simple (if
possible) suggestions?

PLH, can you use one of those endmills with a drill point on the end?



Steve Saling
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