Re: An observation...anyone agree?

"jon_banquer" <jon_banquer@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Example of a program with a legacy code interface that hinders /
destroys programming productivity:

There is no point in updating this program without a complete UI
overhaul if you are going to attract new users. Only existing users
would be interested in this outdated UI that is painful to use for
anyone who has not been using if for years.

Would I like to see a total overhaul of this programs UI? Yes, because
it's underlying toolpath methodology is excellent. Area where this
program excels is toolpath control. Program lacks toolpath to geometry
associativity which is probably something that can be addressed.

Jon Banquer
San Diego, CA

I learned on smartcam, it holds a special spot in my gut.
The company bought ideas, a great solid model program, then they bought
Camax, the greatest cam system Iv'e ever seen. So the code is there,
question is what did they do with that code. it would be interesting to see.
They remind me of IBM. Once on top, and still possesing the tools to be back
on top.

Made in america too!