Re: Survey: Does Your Shop Do Any 3D Surfacing?

jon_banquer wrote:

You reap what you sow.

So do *you*.

I fail to see why any progressive machinist would want to work for a
shop that doesn't make use of product like SolidWorks and instead
tries to use Gibbscam for everything.


We DO use Gibbs for virtually everything CNC related. SolidWorks
wouldn't help us machine anything, since it's not a CAM system.

Perhaps there is a reason why
you often have to sub out difficult jobs.

We virtually never quote on jobs that we can't machine in-house (not
counting outside vendors for heat-treating, anodizing/plating, blanchard
grinding, and the like). When we get swamped, we sometimes send work to
other shops, but if you think that's because we are functionally unable
to machine it ourselves - well that would be an unwarranted assumption
on your part.