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Not the same thing but related; I had a '69 Dodge that started
like crap, the consensus was bad gas. So I pull the nose into the
unhook the fuel line and put it into a glass jar. Just as soon as I
turned the key, I had one of those moments of clarity where you think
shit", but it's already too late. You can't get your hand to stop
the key fast enough.

I forgot to pull the coil wire. Of course it started right up, tipped
over the jar, and blew gas all over the place, which promptly caught
fire. Which of course melted the wiring harness which shorted out. At
time I was 17 and couldn't afford a new harness, Couldn't find one in
boneyards, so I rewired the whole car myself. That'll learn ya.

Turned out the gas was fine. The distributor cap was installed
poorly. It
was sitting on the condensor wire, which tipped it just enough to
make it
run like crap when it was raining or humid.

Friend of mine who first told me of the anarchists bible, once mixed up
some Nitro, in a glass jar, in his parent garage. didn't know what to do
with it once he had it. So like a good teen aged boy, hid it on a shelf
in the back of the garage, behind some plywood or other somesuch
camoflaging object. One day, later on, his dad drove the car into the
garage a little to far, (ala Jan Brady) and gently bumped the
plywood....... you can imagine the rest, said friends Dad could never
quite figure out why the rather large section of bricks were missing
from the backside of said garage, when he noticed them later on in a
large pile. Needless to say, said friend never fessed up to the real


goes along with another story, that was third hand so never could
verify, about really bored sailors, setting up compressed gas tanks, on
the edge of the ship, fan tail etc.. and whacking the regulators off,
just to watch the tanks go sailing off into the ocean.

Air filters serve a nother function in addition to just cleaning the

And so if for any reason you decide to dump raw fuel directly into the
carburetor throat then best to replace the filter before attempting to
the engine.


I had a dodge van that I had carborator troubles with.. Cranked it up
and it backfired and caught on fire. Yup, I had a co2 fire
extinguisher about 15 feet away...behind a padlocked door with the key
for the lock on the keyring in the truck. I kept on cranking to hold
the fire in the carborator but sooner or later the battery was going to
die out. I went through my mind exactly what I had to do... pull the
key out and have the padlock key ready to use in the door. then charge
back and hit the fire with the co2. Felt like that old TV program 'Beat
the Clock'. I did get the thing put out but the dash panel got a little

In my case a big fireball rolled up from under the hood...of course I was
under the hood at the time, jumpering the start solenoid....just kinda
singed my hair, eyebrows, etc.