Re: OT- Ford 3Liter swap

clay wrote:


So the rest of the story is for fun I bolted the heads back on and had
a 5 cylinder for a while. Actually drove it, but there was a massive oil
leak, due to a hole the rod sneakily punched in the pan. I ended up
dropping the pan, and pulled out no less than a thousand quarte sized
piston pieces, a severely twisted rod in four pieces, but the big
suprise was an entire counterweight chunk that had sheared off. So
needless to say I wasn't comfortable making the V5 a permanent solution.
Anyone want a V5?

So I found a pristine 3.0 motor, and am going to do the swap. Hey
Anthony, you have a breakdown of the motor swap steps? I haven't done
this for like 25 years.


WHAAAT? A dedicated mouser like yourself is GIVING UP? Why just slap
some JB Weld on that leaky pan and you're good-to-go. The crankshaft
already rebalanced itself, didn't it. LOL