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My neice had just graduated at the top of her welding class, and was
getting offers from all over. An old friend of hers offered her a job
as a software salesperson. She knew nothing about software, and was un
afraid to tell you that. She would walk into the customers, and tell
them that her job was to take them to lunch, and GET the answers to
any questions that they had. She was completely upfront about what her
role was, it was not to write software, and not to support it, it was
to be sure that the custoemr had an advocate at the the company that
was going to look after them.

She did very well.

My daughter worked for Ford Motor Credit making calls to repossess cars. I
asked he once if people gave her a hard time. She said they did at first,
until she realized she really didn't have to be nice, she could just take
their damn car away from them today!

Gary H. Lucas