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To All:

I've done age survey thing before, but Leo had the idea for this
particular survey, which he thought might get some interesting answers.
We'll see.

It's funny that I took note of LEO's comments too. The first time that I
felt like I was getting old was when I was 29. We used to play volleyball
at lunch and often after work. As time went on we got better and better at
it. So the games got more intense. Anyway, during a heated match with lot's
of colorful trash talking, I get caught kind of flat footed with the ball
going over my head. So I jumped back, set the ball, and landed flat on my
back. It knocked the wind out of me and rattled my head a bit. The
difference was I couldn't jump back up. I wanted to, but I couldn't. After
I got back up I really didn't feel like playing anymore. And that's just
not me. I'm very competitive. So I took that as the first sign that youth
might not last forever:)

Do you consider yourself old, or young, and why? How old are you

Most days I feel older than I think I should. I'm 44. But given that I have
a chronic disease, a stressful job, and some other issues, I'm doing OK.

As soon as it warms up a bit, I'm going to start bicycling and lifting
again. That usually helps.



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I am actually 28, I have to consider I am still young, because if I
make a list for the group according to the age, Ha-ha ,I may get near
to the bottom..

The really young time just passing quickly, happy time did not during
forever, you may think of that you were still a boy just yesterday but
you can not find your hair in the morning today.^-^

When I still in the college, I have play football game during whole
forenoon, an get a sot in the afternoon, then wake up quickly in the
morning and start to climb up a big mountain... It is really a young
time because I can recover immediately from any situation.

In my country, to put someone a sot looks like a culture, the signal
for no longer too young is I begin hesitate to say "Cheers!"

Healthy attitude towards the pressure may keep your youth. I have a
Swedish friend, an old man, he is quiet healthy and never got angry
about anything, every week he must buy flower for his wife, even
though his home were full with flower and could not contain anymore.