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You are scaring yourself more, I assume that your lady friend is a
little girl, she is telling a lie (it is why she didn't show video).

Not in this case, she is the sales rep for a supplier ... but I am sure
that there are different types of women there. I am actually more
concerned about how difficult the laws are for foreigners compared to
other countries. Right now I am more likely to go the Philipines.

In some traditional familiar, especially in the inner provinces, the
girl may be protected by her familiar well, this may be different with
Canada, but in most family, they don't treat their daughter so strict.
I don't think this is a big case should be worry about, what you may
worry about the Chinese business traditional, in some aspect, it may
quite different with west countries, it is hard to describe here, you
need more time to familiar with it, before it, don't try to negotiate
with Chinese directly, you may need your Chinese friend help you do
that. You will found that any successful foreign companies in China
must have a HongKong/TaiWan/Mainland partner before they familiar with
China market, an honest/professional friend/partner is the key to
success in China, remember this, you will be always good luck in

From my own contacts with Chinese companies I find them to be totally
confused about customer service. They really are very weak with that and
that is where I am hoping to help them most.

The Chinese are healthy because they work hard and developed eating
less red meat unlike myself at 240 6'3 though I Jog 2 miles when I hop
to it. I did one mile today when it hit 48. I do have a chainsaw but don't
have much use for it, chopping wood for my furnace with the axe, that
I keep hone with a stone. Shovel snow or plow snow which would
Americans use and which do Chinese in China have. Manual machining
or CNC remember they buy up our manual machines so do they 'Chinese'
even use CNC's ?. I eat four eggs and a bratwurst for breakfast but that's
the usual, I quickly burn it off before lunch or after Jogging or
Shoveling or using my brother's weight set. The Chinese might look weak
physically but consider their muscle mass to their efficiency then that of
the average American, fast food is popular in China, like Japan.


John, at least you work at being healthy, and that is a tremendous point for
you. For myself I have great genetics, with a family life expectancy of at
least 90; for supper I had a bunch of pork chops and an apple pie. But I
probably walk about one hour a day ...

My dad is 83 and the doctors have not found anything wrong with him that
requires any medication at all. That is rare for someone that age, and he
doesn't have any regular exercise ...

It is unquestionable that there is a growing obesity problem in North
America. I remember from my university days my Chinese friends from Honk
Kong joking about how they put on weight when they came top study here.