Re: If You Can't Beat Them, Sell Them Machine Tools

China doesn't have to buy US made machines. They can buy from Tiawan, Japan
,Russia, Checz, etc. At least this way some money will return to the USA.

And if your against China as competition. DON'T buy from Wal Mart, 80% of
their goods are from China.

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Joe788 wrote:

I think it's great that Haas builds machines in the U.S., but if they
sell 7,000 Haas machines to China next year...


Coincidentally, we've got a Haas production job in the shop
right now.
But we're not picky, we've got a job making Fadal 4th axis tail stocks
currently as well. LOL

that's 7,000 machines
worth of work that won't be performed here in America. On the other
hand, I think it's safe to say that the Chinese would take our work
anyways, with or without Haas machines.

I wonder how long it will take for the Chinese to make a usable
knock off machine. They're not dummies.


Tell us how you really feel guys! <g> My opinion is Haas is like
Mcdonald's. Consistent food (good or bad, you pick... I'm a
vegetarian) that many folks publicly hate but they still buy it. I do
find it a paradox that here's a US company that's exporting but is
beat up for doing so (the tax thing is a whole 'nother Opra...).
Perhaps it's that it's a product that can be used to create competing
products instead of consumer goods like tv's or electronics?