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Cliff <Clhuprich@xxxxxxx> wrote in

Spelling is not needed to operate a machine ....

I wasn't looking for an operator.

If a guy can't spell the name on the machine or control he spends
40-65 hours per week looking at, he doesn't posess the attention to
detail that I require.

Some are just not good at spelling.

Then they won't be good at getting hired either. Look, there is no time
limit on putting together a resume. There is also nothing preventing a
person for having someone else proofread it for errors. Failure to put your
best foot forward on your personal "sales brochure" says a lot about a
person IMO.

I take it that you've never hired anybody?

I very much disliked firing people or laying them off.

Me too. That's why I make an effort to hire the right person to begin with.
Unfortunately I have inherited a few...

We try to avoid lay offs here. We'll take pay cuts or furloughs instead
when business is bad.



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