Re: Haas rotary axis programming

Jon wrote:

We are new to using a Haas VMC, and ran into a minor roadblock on Friday.
We tend to program in absolute. Needed to interpolate Z and A axes, with A
going from +10 degrees to +350 degrees (20 degrees travel).
We couldn't make it work. The A axis would only travel positive 340 to get
to the second coord.

The applications guy at our Haas rep said to try using -10degrees as the
second value. Same result.
I called Haas corp., and the techs there were all in agreement that you
could NOT program their control to make the rotary go THROUGH 0 degrees
using absolute.
We overcame the problem by using incremental, but thought this was odd.

We've been using Heidenhain TNC360's for over 10 years now, programming in
HH lets you linear interpolate any 3 axes, using both absolute and
incremental in the same block.


I would also try programming -350 degrees before I gave up.