Re: phase converter for cnc shop

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On Wed, 06 Dec 2006 11:57:22 -0800, Neil wrote:

PrecisionMachinisT wrote:

Lathe #1 24KVA spindle 20hp
Lathe #2 19KVA spindle 15hp
Mill 20KVA spindle 7.5hp

I think about now I would seriously start looking at a 60KVA diesel
genset. you'll get better machine performance, proper 3 phase and save a
fortune on phase convertors. You'll probably save a little on energy
costs, especially if you use the waste heat to warm the shop in winter.

Phase convertors are fine for smaller machines (and to a large extent have
been replaced by VFDs on smaller machines even so) but for bigger stuff
(aspecially multiple bigger stuff, a diesel genset makes a lot of sense.

The basic problem with a generator big enough to run all your equipment is
that unless you actually run it all at the same time it is horribly
inefficient and expensive compared to buying power from the electric
company. The electric company handles the problem by having multiple
generators that are switched on and off to match the load.

Gary H. Lucas