Re: Cutter Compensation question for Lathe

On 3 Sep 2006 20:30:37 -0700, "brewertr" <brewertr@xxxxxxx> wrote:

Cliff wrote:

That's how I knew Cliff is a fraud with his posted two line sample
G-Code with 5 mistakes in it.

One typo for your enjoyment <G>.

You are one stubborn fraud. Nice try rewriting history but you made
five mistakes.

You used only one hand?

Oh, and here is another clue for you, on the OP's machine G03 is
counter clockwise.

See original posts to original thread <G>.

There is a reason Cliff has not been able
to post a Make, Model and Year for the CNC Lathe he says his "Standard"
Code will run on.

But not front turret (& other) lathes <G>.

So what make, model and year will your two lines of code run on?

We know it won't run on the original posters machine so what cnc lathe
were you programming for that it will run on?