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If Gunner, given his street smarts and combat experience can get


I don't know exactly the ins and outs of what happened but I do know
some of the people involved. It would be my guess that the last owner,
the guy that Gunner worked for is probably as much a victim as everyone
else left holding an empty bag.

Unfortunatly Gunner is not unique here.

As an individual incident, this is probably the proveribal p**s
hole in the snow, however when considered as the canary in the
mine, it is most likely a warning that should be heeded.

It is a human trait and characteristic to assume people are more
or less like we are. Because we tend to associate with people
like we are, this perception is reinforced. From his posts,
Gunner is crusty, but honest, and for the most his customers seem
to fit the same mold. Indeed, with the number of asian
immigrants he works with, honesty and integrity, at least within
their community is likely far better than that in the general
white community, both because of a "loss of face" and because no
one in your community will give you the time of day, let alone
voluntarily do business with you, if you are known to be a crook.

Even if you are not a sociopath and/or pathological liar, if you
are "connected" or a "wise guy," it is easy to get some one to
front for you. As long as the front man believes what they are
saying, the suckers will too.

From the other observations/comments in this thread, you are most
likely correct when you observe that the current "owner" was as
much a victim as anyone else. Indeed, he may have lost more, in
that in addition to losing serious money [at least from my
perspective], he has lost his reputation, which will make
recovery that much more difficult.

Gunner -- looking back, were there any warning signs or things to
look out for?

Lots of them..but they proved groundless most of them. In
appeared the company was growing and getting more business in a nice
orderly fashion. Hence Id figured they were returning to the Shining
Tmes. They had been slow pays, for years, but Clinton recession

The single biggest issue that I can think of that may have been a
warning sign..was the number of materials suppliers who were calling me
for credit references..but that too was expected as they ramped up after
the recession.

Shrug..I was blind sided and was in fact told of the collapse by another
customer who had an employee go right from being laid off to this other
customer to apply for work.

The owners walked out on the shop floor on Tuesday morning, mid
shift..and pulled the pin.


Unka George
(George McDuffee)

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with the name of the late deceased, and
the epitaph drear:
?A Fool lies here, who tried to hustle the East.?

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