Re: Mori Seki SL1 NC lathe programming


Please explain to me in my example of setting G50 for an SL-1 where I
would not know where the center of the tool nose radius is?

Cliff wrote:
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Ive been doing it for nearly 20 years without problem, have you?

He doesn't understand the difference between cutter compensation on a mill
and tool nose radius compensation on a lathe.

Not at all at issue here, Dan.
Though in each case the centerpoint of the tool's radius
must follow a curve offset from the desired contour by that
radius to produce the correct shape.
Some have problems following the reasoning <G>.

Again you are talking about programming and not setup, in my example of
setting up the machine and determining the G50, the programmer,
operator and setup person knows where the center of the tool nose
radius is, how come you are having so much difficulty with it?