Re: Anyone Remember ....

jon_banquer wrote:

Made the mistake of reading your post first and responding before I saw
Andy's post... so sue me. I really need to start ignoring you all

That didn't sound like a genuine apology for weeks of your personal attacks based
on blatant garbage direct from your clueless imagination. Instead, you simply
post some more clueless lying garbage (see below)...


Poor Dan Murphy. Kept Insisting I was such a liar. That line of crap
along with Joe Blow's and Mr. P.V.'s usual bewildered nonsense just

Where did it go?

Up In Smoke.

Yep, Andy saying your lying personal attacks were... incorrect... at the very
least... but more accurately they've been full of shit, constitutes vindication
for your lying personal attacks... What's the weather like in demo world? You
are so off in space...

Next you try to change the subject by making a personal attack on a Top Solid
expert, by claiming he knows nothing about Top Solid. I'll bet he's even seen
more than demo versions...

You of couse stayed so general that you saved your ass. Sort of like
the content of most of your posts and for sure anything related to

Jon, you are too clueless to understand how clueless you are... And it just keep
on going and going and going... Been about a decade now, eh?

Great entertainment tho...
Guess I can cancel the cable TV...
They got nothin on you when it comes to comedy...