Re: Anyone Remember ....

John R. Carroll wrote:
jon_banquer wrote:
Dan Murphy ran Andy out of here with his obnoxious and ignorant
comments in regards to Hardinge. If I have to I'll call Hardinge and
track down Andy and ask him to post why he no longer posts here I'm
happy to do it.

No need Jon. Andy has decided to help you out.

andy wrote:
Hi Guy's,

I have not left this group and continue to follow. The back and forth
between Dan and I at that time had nothing to do with me not posting
lately (in fact I forget the issue at that time). I will be happy to
continue posting when I feel I can help.


As far as my credibilty I'm pretty happy with it..

I'm not surprised in the least, you and Jimmy Hoffa. Even dead, he's head
and shoulders above you in the character and integrity departments.

Your insulting and obnoxious behavior isn't even slightly amusing anymore

John R. Carroll
Machining Solution Software, Inc.
Los Angeles San Francisco

I'll give Andy a call and get the whole story rather than usual John
Carroll incomplete story. I don't believe Andy has posted since telling
Dan what he thought of his ignorant and obnoxious comments in regards
to Bridgeport / Hardinge.