Re: A new record for Jon

We aren't just feeding a troll.
We are feeding insanity.

jb is an utter waste of our collective time.
I think each of us thinks that we might be able to deliver that "knockout
reality punch", that might bring jb to his senses. It is that "altruistic
impulse" that most normal productive people have.
But it has been shown, long ago actually, that this is impossible. Too much
circuitry is missing from jb's brain. No foolin.
Enough circuitry remains that he can fake shit for a while, which is how he
gets over. But I suspect that even that circuitry is starting to arc.
Mr. P.V.'d
formerly Droll Troll
"alphonso" <alphamachine-nospam@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
You have managed to piss off all the cream of the crop (Anthony, Dan
Murphy, John Carroll, BD, Bottlebob, Kirk Gordon) except Kirk. Is he next
on your list?

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