Re: Looking for Help...

On Thu, 02 Feb 2006 21:49:27 GMT, "Joe AutoDrill" <bob@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Not sure how to ask this without it sounding "spammish"

This sort of thing is not and you are a regular here by now
(almost <G>).
Don't worry about it here, IMHO.
Cliff (who deals with any real SPAMMERs as a hobby)

Ever loose a web site or e-mail service to an overzealous anti-spam person?

Sometimes the subject line in Email from odd sources seems unclear. One
then needs to check the body to be safe.
Unknown/unremembered senders can be iffy too. And senior moments ....

I have. I'm VERY careful.

SPAM is for things like MLM schemes or other really off the wall stuff
here from folks that did hit & run posts many places <G>. Or stolen/cracked
software for sale, etc.

Thank you for the words of confidence. However, if I'm almost a regular
here, we are all in trouble. :)

It may grow on you, if time allows <G>.