Re: Fanuc 0mb Order made macro

Tero Kaarlela <turo.kaarlela@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in

> Cliff wrote:
>> On Wed, 25 Jan 2006 15:31:37 GMT, Tero Kaarlela
>> <tero.kaarlela@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>>> Still looks like a 240MB memory expansion.
>>>> Perhaps one SIMM went bad?
>>>> Did you try pulling them & reinserting & reinstalling?
>>>> IF you can find the part numbers on the SIMMs and it's
>>>>still bad just replacing one SIMM might be a lot cheaper than
>>>>replacing the entire thing. And buying two SIMMS still cheap.
>>>These are no simms checked data sheet from NEC(chip manufacturer part
>>>no D27c512d) and its very clearly 512k EPROM chip not SIMM(inside
>> Whoops !
>> Right, I got MB in for KB, sorry, not much thinking I guess.
>> Looks like there should be a dash number after the "D27c512d".
>> A google search for D27c512d finds lots of them.
>> All sorts of functions might need extra memory. But do they
>> need programing as well? Ouch ... call the machine's builder.
> EPROM(Electrically programmable read only memory) so yes it needs
> programming :)

Anthony is dead on. User Macros are written by the builder and may
provide some basic functions as well as special functions. I'm surprised
the machine is running without it.

What brand and model machine is this anyway? Some builders do funky
things with the O control.

"Electronic" machines (half manual/half CNC) may hide the G and M code
programming portion in favor of an interactive interface which the
builder writes themselves. Another builder I know of disables the G and M
code portion of the control and runs it from compiled data tables. So in
that case you would not be able to run G & M code programs at all without
returning the control back to "normal".