Re: Microscope vs. comparator

On Sat, 14 Jan 2006 20:33:17 -0500, Kirk Gordon <kg1@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

>Protagonist wrote:
>> What is better for small radius and angle measurements on parts,
>> microscope or comparator?
>> All though used both in the past, found each has it's strength and
>> weakness.
>> Any low cost alternative, like pocket comparators, never used those?
>> Thx, Julius
> I hope I'll be excused for wearing my salesman's hat while posting in the group, but...
> You might take a look at

I was thinking of posting that myself (but considerd it overkill
compared to the question and cannot personally vouch anyway).

> The virtues of a microscope and a comparator combined, plus a great deal more.
> Apologies to those who object to self promotion; but it actually might answer the question

And is entirely on-topic per this NG's charter.