Re: Liquidmetal

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>> On 6 Nov 2005 06:16:58 GMT, D Murphy <spamto154@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>>I remember seeing the bouncing ball demo some time ago. I wonder how
>>>this stuff cuts.
>> Might cut quite well. Why not ask them?
>>>While they tout it as being like plastic, the reality is that
>>>it would be more like glass.
>> Amorphous materials both.
>>>It has a high hardness and is no doubt very
>> That does not follow at all.
>> "Metallic glasses" are famed for their formability.
>At what temperature?

Room, among others.

>>>I seriously doubt they could hold all of the tolerances required
>>>on a hip stem without doing some machining.
>> Precision investment casting can hold very tight tolerances,
>> as can various sintering methods.
>The hip stem has a tight tolerance taper that locks into the ball.

And are they having to machine it? Do you know typical tolerances
on things like sintering & investment casting

>>>I also wonder if they are just trading the expense of machining for a
>>>more expensive alloy.
>> Machining is expensive and may have scrap.
>You think?

jb comes to mind <G>.