Re: What's the best program CAD-CAM ?

Scott wrote:
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>>> But I see from their website that it seems capable of doing some
>>> trick stuff.
>> It's absolutely great. You find it in the automotive shops in
>> Detroit, including mold and die shops, and all over western Europe.
> MasterCAM uses images of port cuting on their advertising bullshit,
> but try and get it to work.
> We did, and it has been a nightmare.
> We will be taking a very hard look at Tebis.

You'll like Tebis. The way to get MasterCam to do what you need is to buy
the ModuleWorks add in. I have it ported to another engine right now and
it's pretty slick. Not cheap though.
Even then MC is a little "iffy". Tebis has porting down to a science and
it's in their automotive bundle IIRC. The collision control is excellent.
The way the tool retracts looks like magic if you know what I mean. Sounds
like you might.

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