used cnc and drives for sale

don't know how my e-mail got screwed up last time, but here goes again,
just in case, my e-mail is rudy@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Used parts for sale, make your own plasma cutter or motorize your x-y table

Autopath gx microprocessor based control, features color graphics,standard
shapes, running point on screen, program backup, reference system (home),
kerf compensation, process control, on screen part nesting, RS232 interface,
etc. 2-1/2 axis control, X, Y, and P. All in one enclosure 19.5"X21.5"X30".
Drive system consists of 3 GME pwm drive amplifiers in a separate enclosure
and 3 motor-gearbox-encoder assemblies. Real nice. Manuals and schematics
included $2500

BURNY 3 CNC Control, 2 axis, built in shapes, RS232 interface
The burny3 has a defective keyboard. An external homemade keyboard has been
wired in. $100

2 motor-gearbox-encoder assemblies and an ESAB 2axis pwm drive amplifier.
Can be used with the above burny3. $500

HYPERTHERM MAX200 machine plasma torch with 20' leads and a big box of
consumables $200

L-TEC PCM30 plasma cutting outfit, 30amp power supply and a hypertherm torch
with 50' leads $500

Burny 2.5 cnc control, doesn't work, power supply problems, for parts only

ESAB E200D 2 axis pwm drive amplifier in enclosure with power supply $200

Burny external cassette tape storage device in a small breifcase style case.

ESAB optipath tracer head and control box $100

Paper tape punch (and reader). Yikes! $50

5 regulator panel for automatic gas torch high-low preheat, with all
switching solenoids, regulators and gages $250

Greco CNC minifile with 360K 5 1/4" floppy drive $25

2 8' long thompson rods in a mounting base , 8' long 4" aluminum channel, 8'
gear rack, and a v-wheel carriage that rides on the thompson rods. To
construct a 8' long motorized carriage assembly. $500

Stewart-Warner photocell tracer, head only $25 with manual