Re: Fadal Tool Changing Problem

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>> I've seen this same problem on all kinds of milling machines. As SVL
>> said, most of the time a little grease on the tool holders cures it
>> for a while. I don't think it's a taper mis-match problem as much as
>> it is a 'perfect fit' for the taper. A little mis-match would make it
>> easier to knock out. A perfect fit would lock tighter, and be more
>> subseptable to 'seating' tighter. If you pay attention, i'll bet it
>> is worse after a heavy vibration cut.
> At work we manually spot every block into the dies before and after
> hardening. I wonder if spotting blue (I think people call it Prussian
> blue or something) would be thin enough to detect a "less good" tool
> holder...

It works OK for that purpose. Red lead is better. Just try and find that
stuff in the US anymore:(