Re: Tool change macro

"tim" <tlkallam@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in news:1124300901.597178.43810

> I am new to cnc milling just bought a cnc mill about a mounth ago.
> My question is when i call up a tool change ex.T01 M6 it calls up the
> tool change macro and changes the tool. Is there a paramerter I can
> change so I don't see the tool change macro on the screen? The control
> is a Fanuc OI mate.Also is there a way to but the tool back in the
> carosel with out putting another tool in the spindle.At the end of the
> day I call up an empty pocket and that emptys the spindle is this the
> right way to do it.?

First off, is the macro program number between O9020 and O9899? If it is,
you shoould first change parameter #0010 bit 4 to a 1 which will prevent it
from being edited/erased/seen.

Do you have a backup copy of the tool change macro? If not leave the
parameter set to 0 first, and output a back up copy.