Fadal Tool Changing Problem


Machine (Fadal 4020) is less than 9 months old. Machine had been running
(tool changing) for approximately 5 months with no problems. Recently (last
3 months), during a tool change, the tool will be released from the spindle
with such force so as too knock the next tool in the magazine out of the
"fingers" causing the machine to drop the next tool. This does not happen
with every tool change. Very random.

Things that have been changed. (These at the suggestion of the Service Tech)
1. Larger air line. Tech thought that the machine might be starving for
air. Air line was changed, but problem still exists. It also happens when
this is the only machine running.
2. Pull studs. This again at the Techs suggestion. Yes, some of them were
3. New drawbar. Again, the tech.

Now they want to change out the spindle thinking that the taper might not be
ground correctly. ( This last one has me wondering if the service dept. has
ANY clue. )

Keep in mind that the machine is still under warranty, so our only cost is
lost machine time. Fortunately, the work can be shifted to another machine
without a problem.

Any ideas? Anyone else ever seen this problem?

Thanks, Mark