Re: Positional tolerance question

Garlicdude <pulsar@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote in

> Thought I'd beat on this dead horse a little more.

Shit stirrer!

> I 've got a job now in the mill. Round shaft with a keyway at one end
> and flats at the other end. Pictorially the flats at the one end are
> shown to be 90 deg. to the keyway. There is no angular callout what
> so ever. I see this all the time on shaft work as I'm sure others do.
> Since the 90 degs is only shown pictorially and there is no dimension
> of 90 degs. does the block tolerence even apply??

Yes. If the section or projected view is 90 degrees rotated then why would
the flats not be?
I'm assuming the flats are already there and yer only cuttin the keyway?

Ever wonder why them damn engineers put flats 90 degrees to the keyway on
shafts? :)

> In my case I'm going to take resonable care to get them at 90 degs and
> within the block tolerence.

Good boy, now git back to werk! <g>