Re: Clarification on Broaching Question!

On Fri, 12 Aug 2005 16:23:51 GMT, BottleBob <bottlbob@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

>CDC wrote:
>> Hello again, I want to clarify my earlier question about broaching with a
>> aluminum bushing. Since the hub is 3" lg. and I really don't have a way of
>> making shims that thin, my thought was making a aluminum bushing with the
>> slot at the first depth it needs to be and than rotating the bushing and
>> make another slot at the final depth without using steel shims.
>> If I approach the problem this way would the broach dig into the bushing and
>> seize?
> I really think shims would be a better approach, much easier to creep
>up on your finish depth AND make for smaller easier "bites". You could
>buy a packet of assorted steel shim stock and cut your own to the size
>you need. Bend a section of the top 90 degrees so it won't slide
>through with the broach and they theoretically should work fine.

One may wish to lubricate the sliding surfaces too ....
What sizes of shims?