Re: Survey: Overtime?

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> Bing wrote:
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>>> Bing wrote:
>>>> One other thing we do that IMO is great for morale is we have a
>>>> forklift, soda can, brass wire scrap fund that we use for bbq's.
>>> Bing:
>>> The soda can and scrap metal fund is obvious, but how does a
>>> forklift
>>> fit into that scenario?
>> We are inna complex. So when somebody needs a lift we charge $50 for
>> it to go out the door.
>> And $50 an hour.
>> Makes for a nice steak party!
> We're in a 50,000 sq ft building. The owner rents, some office and
> warehouse space to a machinery dealer, some office space to some
> software developers, some unused office space for storage, and there
> are several Nextel cell towers on the roof paying rent too. The
> mortgage on the building is well covered by the rent income, plus
> some.
> Yesterday there was a chicken BBQ, on the company. Next week, maybe
> pizza. The week after maybe brats and beer. The week after maybe
> burgers and sausage. The night crew isn't left out either, they get
> some cash to order out what they want.

Yea, sometimes I just give the guys cash too. Ya figure $35 or so a piece
aint bad every now and then. Pays for some of their golfin.

Sometimes little things like what you mentioned go along way, not just
for morale for the employees but also for us bossmen. It does git a bit
lonely the higher up the ladder ya climb.
And face it, not many peeps like the boss.