Re: Hushmail for Outlook

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>>New your messages will be encrypted.
> This is indeed good news.

Well I setup the Hushmail client for Outlook, this requires Office, and I
had to pull out my XP install cd, but if two parties needed safe, private,
confidential via two way encrypted mail, the free account should do the trick.
"Hushmail has been tremendously useful to me and to others I know in the
Middle East. Last year I was a Christian missionary in the Middle East,
but because of the religious oppression in Muslim countries, I couldn't
communicate freely with family and friends here in the U.S.
Carnivore is information-gathering software created by the FBI to combat
criminals who utilize the Internet. Carnivore is housed in a computer that
connects to your Internet Service Provider's (ISP's) servers and mines all
incoming and outgoing mail for information. The FBI intends to use the
software to locate and monitor specific email addresses for evidence of
criminal activity. In the process of monitoring any account, Carnivore must
sift through all available account information on a given server. The objection
many privacy advocates, legislators, and the general public have with Carnivore
is that the net it casts is too wide. The FBI would have the ability to look through
the accounts and email of people not suspected or charged with any crime.
Further, the public would have no protection or knowledge of unlawful or
accidental seizures of account information. Basically, you have to trust the
FBI not to invade your privacy.

Hushmail vs Carnivore

Hushmail's security cannot be broken or weakened by this government sponsored
snooping software. Hush's security system is a lot like a circuit, when one Hush user
communicates with another Hush user, the circuit is complete and the mail they
send is completely safe. To anyone other than the sender or the recipient of a
Hush message, email appears as a jumble of numbers and letters. It is completely illegible.
The only way to decrypt or unscramble Hush messages is by using your passphrase
when you open up your Hushmail account. Carnivore cannot decrypt your mail,
and is therefore, powerless against messages sent between Hush users.