Re: Carbide Endmills

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> >>>> What is the reason they are always undersize ?
> >>> They wouldn't fit into the holders otherwise.....
> >> HSS is often to size.
> > And it's also unstable on you start with an oversized
> > blank.
> What were the shank diameters of the last 9/32, 7/32, 5/32 and smaller
> than 1/8 inch dia solid carbide endmills you used? Why are those
> endmills typically a thou or two smaller than nominal?

Well, I'm running out of guesses here.......

But I've been told that oftentimes a series that has the tool size being a
size smaller than the shank will be made from rejects that are then reground
down to the next smaller size.

In actuality, I prefer them to be a couple of thou under--allows me to
program for that size tool (as to smallest fillet radius ), yet I still
retain the ability to program using cutter comp.