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On Thu, 12 Jan 2012 10:39:33 -0600, amdx <amdx@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

A friends daughter got an Ipad, he now wants to get a wifi router so
she can get online at home, (she's 10).

She's spoiled.

I don't know if the Ipad is G or N, probably doesn't matter, many are
both now.

Presumably, it's an iPad 2. That does 802.11 a/b/g/n
If she lives in a really RF polluted environment, I would be tempted
to suggest getting a dual band wireless router or access point.

I want to recommend a couple of routers he can get and be happy with.
He's never had wifi in the house, so just a simple effective router.
I'll probably send a couple of Newegg links.

I only see broken routers, so I can't offer many recommendations for
anything that works. Same with manufacturers. They all suck, but
some suck less. This week, I like DLink, mostly because I can get
them cheap in quantity.

For a 10 year old, I would expect whatever is purchased would probably
be destroyed within a few months. Therefore, cheap is of paramount
importance. I've had good luck (i.e. no failures) with bottom of the
line DLink DIR-601 router. Priced around $25. It's 2.4GHz only,
non-MIMO, and fairly basic. I've installed about 10 of them in the
last 6 months, without any problems. No clue on long term life, but
with a 10 year old, my guess(tm) would be it's not going to be an

However, if you want all the fancy features, the DLink DIR-825 does it
all. It seems to be targeted at the Apple market (i.e. white plastic
box). About $100. I've only installed one, which doesn't offer much
of a track record. There are also some models in between, which I
haven't tried.


Speaking of selling to the Mac crowd, Netgear has an Aiport Extreme
clone. Imitation and flattery?
Sorry, no experience.

Make sure she gets a not-easily-removable rubberized protective case
and possibly Applecare in case it gets dropped anyway.

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