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Try an ordinary POTS phone and see if it plays. If that also screws
up, as I'm sure it will, it's time to call the ISP.

Thanks but...
" Her other phone, connected to the same line from the
wall, dials out fine."

Try again, this time with the red and green line wires reversed. Some
phones rely on having the correct polarity. It's rare these days, but
I've ocassionally seen such abominations.

If that's the problem, you might want to invest in a POTS polarity
tester. You could probably build one, but here's the official device:

Also, trace back to where the phone line ends. It's not clear if the
customer is using VoIP on the fiber or if they have an ordinary POTS
line. It's difficult to tell without following the wires.

OTOH I THINK that other phone is an ordinary POTS phone. It has a
keyboard because the user is quite hard of hearing and probably has
friends who can not hear.

If it requires external power, or is powered by anything other than
the phone line, it has the potential for being a problem. When I
suggest testing with a POTS phone, I mean one that you know works,
that you drag around with your tool kit. I always carry as cheap POTS
phone with me. The idea is to isolate the problem by substitution.
You can't assume that the customers phone is working. Incidentally,
it's usually new in the box, so I can sell it to the customer.

BTW I can hear pretty well (I am 71).

I'm 63. I play piano and keyboard synthesizer, so the hearing is
still functional.

Hear no evil, see no evil, pay no attention.

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