Re: The world sees my IP address (I read everything) Is there no better solution?

On 10 Sep, 23:17, George <geo...@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
On 9/10/2010 4:13 PM, JoeSchmoe wrote:

- I don't fully understand how the ISP can be assigning multiple people
the same IP address shown to the outside world (the support guys said it
was just like my home NAT).

It would seem that your ISP likely has a small public IP address block
so they are doing exactly the same thing (NAT) that your home router is
doing. The support guy is telling you the truth.

The question (again):
- How can I change my IP address (what stone did I leave unturned)?

Other than a proxy there isn't any way to change the public IP address.

Use The Onion Router.


I understand that this has been develped by an
independent organisation, paid for largely by the
US government. The idea is to allow people in (for
example) China to access the internet free of government

I have not read all of your missive, but I suspect that
TOR may well satisfy a number of your requirements.

Of course, it may well be that the US government
have control of the TOR system and that it is in fact a Honey Trap.
Caveat emptor - except it's free so there is no buyer.

You can alternatively pay for a commercial VPN
solution. There are many offerings available. They allow you
for example to present yourself as being present in any
country that you may choose.

TOR works by configuring the browser (e.g firefox) to use
a proxy. The proxy however is running on your PC. The proxy
then sends the traffic over the TOR VPN which emerges
from a different IP address for every different TOR session.