Re: uPnP on home/school router

On Sat, 28 Aug 2010 22:40:23 -0700, DevilsPGD
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Sure, but external exploits are on the wrong side of the NAT / firewall
to open a port using UPnP.

UPnP opens ports on the WAN side of the router. The most common are
Microsoft Messenger ports at two per client. When I scanned my
firewall for open ports, I was rather surprised to see two random
ports open for every Windoze PC I had on the network. Also common is
for a virus to use UPnP to open a WAN port to allow the evil bad guys
to control a trojaned PC.

If the router is buggy enough to accept UPnP requests from outside,
you've likely got other design flaws that will bite you long before this
one does.

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