Re: Linksys Wireless Router and Dropped Cable Modem Connections

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Hello all,

I have a problem that is driving me nuts! I have a Motorola SURFboard
(SB5120) cable modem, and am using Comcast cable services. I also
have a Linksys Wireless Router (WRT54G).

Initially, the two worked well together, with my PC wired to the
router, and an occaisional laptop connection. Since then, we have
started to add wireless devices to our list of assets (iPhone,
iTouches, iPad, Wii and a wireless printer). Although it seemed like
it was around the time that I enabled the Wii to take advantage of the
network, it appears that I have periodic issues, although less
frequently. (We are using Wii to stream NetFlix movies)

The problem is that the cable modem seems to get knocked off-line, a
lot! Sometimes, several times an hour!

I work from home, and end up plugging the cable modem directly into my
PC, so I can get through the day, without getting dropped, but it
takes the wireless router out of play, hence the wife and kids can't
enjoy their wireless devices!

This is killing me! Is it the wireless router? Is it the cable
modem? Is it a combination of both??? I'm willing to purchase new
hardware, as long as I know what/who the culprit is.

I've seen a ton of similar threads, but can't seem to narrow in on the
exact problem description and/or a resolution. Any advice is
appreciated! I'm nearly desperate!!!

Thanks and best regards,

had the same prob (balt area, comcast, cable internet, linksys wrt54g, dropped connectivety now and then)...
in my case it was power to the wireless router (summer, AC power, spikes and low voltage when ac's kicked on, not bad enuf to make clocks flash 12, but bad enuf to mess up my wrt thing)
happened to have a battery backed up ups handy, used that instead of the wall wart, problem solved

simple free test, to help determine the culprit, next time it is dead, unplug the wall wart (from the power plug on the back of the wrt, not the wall) and plug it back in again (don't do anything else) if it works again, you have narrowed it down to transient voltage fluctuations on the ac line/funky wall wart thing

from what you say above, it isn't actually the cable modem itself (since you can wire direct to your pc and it works/doesn't drop), so why not try something free, to help narrow it down?

ps, newer wap/routers have better powerline filtering, and don't do that... i'd suggest give a try to the free/simple test, and if needed just get a new wap/router (new linksys/cisco about $60 at walmart)