Re: How to get the MAC address of an ANTENNA on my roof

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I was wondering if there is a good way to get the MAC address of my antenna
on my roof with software?


Googling, I found Network Stumbler for Windows, which gave me a lot of
information about transmitting access points; but the antenna (which is a
receiver) wasn't on that list.

That's probably because antennas do not have MAC addresses -- they don't
work at that level.

Trying to install airsnare screwed up on something called winpcap so that
failed (although if it's the right approach, I'll try again if you think it
will get the antenna address).

I even climbed on the roof to see if there was a sticker but the box (which
seems sealed) is so old any stickers are long gone from the elements.

So it sounds like you have a >> Wireless Ethernet (client) bridge <<
connected to (built into) that antenna, which does have a MAC address,

The antenna has a line of sight connection to the ISP's antenna (but the
ISP support guy won't tell me the MAC address, only the last 6 digits). He
asked why I want to know, and, well, I just wanted to see if I can connect
to the antenna from a PC directly.

He told me to use a crossover cable, which worked fine connecting to the
antenna directly, but I want to try wireless and he said they don't support
that. But I don't see why I shouldn't be able to just change my MAC address
on the PC to connect directly to the beamed signal.

Why would you need to do that? Is the ISP filtering by MAC address?
What are you trying to do?

Here's the setup:
- ISP has a tower which my rooftop antenna is aimed at
- Rooftop antenna has a cable that enters the attic and ends on a box
- That box has a power supply connected, the one RJ45 input from the
antenna, and one RJ45 output
- When I connect a crossover cable to that RJ45 output, I'm on the net.
- When I connect a router to that RJ45 (via a normal cable), I'm on the

All I want to do is use my PC to "emulate" the antenna (mostly to see if it
can be done

Your PC can't "emulate" an antenna -- it needs its own antenna to work
without the antenna and Wireless Ethernet (client) bridge. Is that what
you want? If so:
* Can your PC "see" the wireless access point of the ISP?
* If so, it should be able to connect if authorized by the ISP.
* If not, it probably doesn't have sufficient range (antenna gain).

but partially to get access on the property that's further from
the router).

By wire or wireless? If the latter, you need a wireless repeater.

I assume I can use a MAC address changer to emulate the antenna. I just
need to know the MAC address of the antenna. The ISP gave me the last few
digits but this is a technical question I haven't been able to answer by

How could I get the MAC address of a rooftop antenna that I have wired
access to via an RJ45 output?

You can't "emulate" the antenna. Can you be more clear about what you
want to do? See the wiki below for lots of helpful info.

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