Re: Are there faster waps than dwl2100AP

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Jeff Liebermann wrote:

Any of the wireless routers listed can be used as an access point:

Could you please elaborate on this line?

I'm not into complex and elaborate. Mind if I simplify on this line?

May need to use crossover type cable.

... referring to the ethernet cable to a LAN port on the router/accesspoint.

Yep. When you connect a switch or hub to another switch or hub, you
run a chance that the wiring ends up with the tx (transmit) talking to
the tx and the rx (receive) talking to the rx. That won't work. With
10baseT, tx goes to rx on both pairs of wires. To make this happen,
you can use a crossover cable:
a crossover adapter, or you might be lucky and own a switch or router
that has "autopolarity" switching on the ethernet ports. Some routers
and switches also have a switch labeled MDI/MDX which switched one
port to crossover. Lots of ways to make it happen.

However, you do it, look at the lights on the front of the router or
switch. If you plug in both ends of a cable, the corresponding lights
on both sides MUST light up.

Or, if there is something in the wiki about that crossover business,
start me in the right direction. That is, I know what a crossover cable
is; I just don't know how this maybe, maybe not, works in this application.

Switches and hub ethernet ports, are wired to talk directly to the
ethernet port on a LAN card as found in a typical PC or laptop.
They're not really made to talk to each other, as I mentioned above. A
crossover cable allows them to talk to each other.

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