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Thanks Jeff, We can always count on you.

I was looking for a time burner so I didn't have to work on my taxes.
That's what I should be doing right now.

I have a situation where the
antenna is getting shadowed by the computer case.

I'll assume a desktop mini-tower case.  I have the same problem here.
I bought a magnetic mount antenna with about 1 meter of RG-316/u coax,
and a RP-SMA connector.  Something like this:

I just wanted to
extend the connection a few inches to get the antenna above the

There's no need to use semi-rigid for that.  Ordinary coax cable will
work just fine.  Over the distance of about 300mm, almost any size
coax will work.  If you're thinking of using semi-rigid so that the
antenna will be self supporting, that will work, but so will a piece
of duct tape to hold the upper part of the coax.

I tried drilling out the little nipple you would normally
crimp the coax shield to and soldering the hardline to the connector.
This may have worked if I had a small torch that I could silver solder
it with. Pb/Sn proved to be too weak but it did prove the concept.

Solder should have been strong enough.  No need for the stronger
silver solder unless you have a flexing connection.

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Had the .141 line. Since I got a scrap of small coax from work
fabricated the cable and removed the outer insulation. I then tinned
the shield to make it rigid. More than one way to skin a cat.