Re: 802.11n router recommendations and opinons...?

On 16/04/2009 06:54, Jeff Liebermann wrote:
On Mon, 13 Apr 2009 16:28:28 -0700 (PDT), Randall
<randall.shimizu@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I am thinking of getting a 802.11n wireless router. A lot of the
companies use the Atheros 802.11n chipset and there is some talk that
they have drop the connection a lot. So I am wondering if anyone has
any thoughts or recommendations. I might get the Trendnet that was in
today's Fry's ad. Just beginning to investigate the various 802.11n

$180 will get you an Apple Aiport Extreme. It's simultaneous dual
band and 802.11n. I've been playing with one erratically for the last
week or so (which gets installed tomorrow). It's a bit shy on the
long range (no external antennas), but works quite well in a
reflection infested environment (my office). Dropped connections are
usually caused by interference from other wireless networks, microwave
ovens, and such. I haven't seen any dropped connections with the
Airport Extreme yet, and I'm running 3 different wireless routers on
the same channel (6) at the same time. There's some interaction, but
no disconnects yet.

I don't buy anything from Fry's.

Have you tried it with an external USB Hard Drive yet? I have been looking at a few reviews and noticed this on CNET:-
"We didn't get to try the print-serving feature, but we found that the router's support for USB external hard drives was rather limited. It doesn't read drives formatted in the NTFS file system, but only FAT32 and Mac OS Extended. Generally it's more difficult to format a drive larger than 32GB using FAT32. This means Windows users can't simply plug most of their USB external hard drives into the router and expect to share the data contained on it. If you are willing to reformat your hard drive, you'll need to use a computer to do so, as the router doesn't include the formatting feature."