Re: Wireless Disconnects

John Navas wrote:
On Thu, 20 Nov 2008 23:11:59 +0000, Mark McIntyre
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The UK govt publishes maps of criminal activity by location. Various interested bodies publish reams of research on the same subject.

Interesting, but not terribly supportive of your claim.

You asked me how I knew. I told you. Its hardly my problem you don't like the answer. You've been caught out. Oops.

Enough, no more, you're trolling again.

(If you disagree, please feel free to be more specific.)

USA Today?
I'm in the UK....

Daily Mail then.


Security isn't a one-stop shop - putting a big padlock on and walking away - its a layered product which requires monitoring.

Minor obscurity isn't a useful layer.


Worse, it may give a false sense of security.

Only to the clueless, of which group you seem increasingly to be one.